Diet variety pack


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Can’t make up your mind about which flavor you want to try? There’s good news! You don’t have to decide. We have the perfect solution, the Variety Pack! You can have the pure simple sweetness of the classic Marble Cheesecake, the sweet coffee creaminess of the Cappuccino Cheesecakes, and the velvety rich decadence of the Chocolate Cheesecake all in one package!
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Our Marble mini cheesecakes are all made with care in small batches from the finest and freshest ingredients. Sweetened with Splenda, they are gluten-free, low fat, low carb, and only 95 calories per cheesecake. Best of all, they are high in protein and perfectly portion sized for those who are watching their weight!

Keep refrigerated up to 4 months, and frozen for up to 1 year

NOTE: The cheesecakes are shipped frozen at -20 degrees with ice packs included. They are expected to arrive cool or at room temperature – Refrigerate upon arrival.


Non Fat Cream Cheese (Pasteurized non fat milk, Culture, Enzymes), Farmer Cheese (Cultured Pasteurized low fat Milk, Salt), Eggs, Splenda, Corn Starch, Pure Vanilla, Cocoa Powder. Contains: Milk, Eggs

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